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"I had no idea how much my life would transform after a 30 minute energy healing. The last two years have been like jumping onto a magic carpet ride.  It has been extraordinary, awe inspiring, and most of all heart opening. I will always be grateful for my decision to sign up for that energy healing.  I recommend working with Corin if you are ready to let go of old patterns that no longer serve you and want to experience vitality and joy instead."

Demetria Manuselis, CA

"Of all of the types of therapies I've encountered in the pursuit to enrich my quality of life, opening myself up to the everyday miracles in having a relationship with Angels has provided some of the most profound, lasting healing effects.  If not for Corin, I'd never have experienced the inexplainable joys that have so drastically touched my life.  I highly recommend working with her and taking the bold leap to invite these divine messengers into your world."

Jamie Collum, CA

"Corin is an incredibly special, wildly talented, wise, and hilarious licensed therapist, energy healer, and trainer. Since working with Corin, life has come to feel much more fun, lighter and more magical. I've always had a lot of empathy and I used to feel very responsible for uplifting people. It felt like heavy lifting and could get very daunting. Now I get to be there for people in a whole new way, in a way that helps me focus on their perfect health regardless of any physical, mental, or life challenges. Beyond that, I feel more balance in my life. No longer resentful for giving more than I receive, I now get to receive love and support with less attachment and expectations of others. Perhaps the support is coming to me through nature (a deer, a feather), through a stranger (a kind word or smile from the person next to me at Safeway checkout), the traffic lights all turning green when I need them to. Even nicer, I've been noticing that I receive great support from friends and my spouse! It all makes me smile, and I feel grateful to these people, to the Angels and the otherr enegies in the Universe!"

Joanna Monte, CA